Farm Mechanisation/PumpSet

The DBT-Implements application booking page will remain closed from 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm
on 10th Jan 2020 for reshuffling of block targets by respective CDAOs.
Provision of OTP to the registered permanent mobile (as in farmer-id) is going to be introduced from 2019-20 under DBT Implements. The applicants who are interested to update their mobile number in the “Farmer-id” should contact respective AAOs for needful by 31st March 2019.

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Farm mechanisation refers to the development and use of machines that can take the place of human and animal power in agricultural processes. The mechanization of agriculture that took place during the 20th century led to major changes in how farmers plant, irrigate and harvest crops. Combines, tractors, harvesters and other machinery have enabled farmers to increase their production while relying less upon an extended labor force.


DBT Jalanidhi-I application and go-ahead issue page will open w.e.f. 25.11.2019.

Odisha has vast ground water potential which is available for exploration. So far, about 28% of ground water resources have been tapped for irrigation purpose. Thus, there is scope for further exploration of ground water resources up to 70% of the total recharge per year, which will go a long way in expanding area under irrigated agriculture. Realizing the need to increase the irrigation potential and to utilize untapped ground water potential in the state, the farmers are encouraged to go for own captive irrigation (Bore well & Shallow Tube well) projects under the State Agriculture Policy.

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